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Ardent is powered by the most innovative minds in the IT industry who have a strong and universal commitment to improving the way we work, which includes quality delivery, safety and environmental stewardship in everything we do. Our digital-driven culture promotes innovative and focused use of technology to improve all aspects of your business—from leveraging big data to pioneer new and more effective paths forward, to introducing automated/remote execution solutions.

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Our personalized software products and cost-effective implementation distinguish us with our esteemed customers, industry peers, and independent research firms. Ardent combines its proactive approach and domain knowledge with a commitment to quality for delivering quick, innovative and affordable solutions/services. Over the last two decades, Ardent has built deep domain expertise and offers excellence with agility.

Ardent's executive management team is responsible for setting up the strategic course and leading the company with a relentless goal of increasing shareholder value, while also driving the business in a manner consistent with our core values for safety, ethics and teamwork.

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