Staff Augmentation

Are You Looking to Add Expert IT Resources for smooth project deliveries?


Ardent’s IT Staff Augmentation Services provide critical skill sets for your business and its IT objectives, by filling gaps in your current team and providing staffing solutions that will ensure your technology initiatives keep pace with your business needs.

With Ardent’s IT Staff Augmentation Services, you can:

  • Access certified IT professionals including Project Managers, Architects, Systems/ Business Analysts, Software Developers, Infrastructure Specialists, and more.
  • Gain critical skill sets for your IT operations.
  • Benefit from project-specific delivery expertise.
  • Supporting IT operations.

Project Delivery​

Completing your project on time requires a varied talent base, which you can draw from our pool of expert team members who will be able to see it through to completion. Some of the type of experts we offer are listed below:

¬ Project Managers: who hold extensive certifications and industry knowledge, and are ready to manage and implement a range of project types.

¬ Architects: How does your IT environment serve your business? Our system architects will work with your company’s leadership and IT staff to determine optimal configuration that will support your project goals.

¬ Systems/Business Analysts: Our analysts are available to add value to your operations by identifying actual requirements and recommending solutions, thereby allowing you to proactively stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your technology operations.

¬ Software Developers: From web and mobile application creation through integration and strategy support, our software developers are ready to handle all of your application development needs.

¬ Infrastructure Specialists: When you need outstanding management and support for your IT infrastructure, our specialists are available to make sure your systems work efficiently and deliver value to your organization.

Business Operations​

Whether you need operational level IT management OR support for an existing team, our business operations staff augmentation services are ready to assist. Some of the ways we can help maximize your business operations are listed below:

¬ Business Process Optimization: Our analysts are ready to determine your company’s overall process efficiency and effectiveness, and can provide guidance in the best way possible, to proceed forward with best practices.

¬ Package Selection Consulting:  When it comes to package selection, our experts have the tools and knowledge to help you choose the right setup for your company’s needs. We can provide assistance at every step of the process, from collecting technical requirements in the RFP stage, until post-vendor management.

¬ Buy vs Build: When you are trying to make a decision whether to buy or build an IT asset like an application or technological infrastructure, we can provide assistance in determining your best course of action.

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