IT Solutions

Ardent’s technology services team assist clients in managing IT architecture to optimize and solve practical business problems. Our technology services team is trained in handling high-level components and is well versed with the principles of object-oriented design.

We match our client’s current architecture with latest industry standards and help optimize IT architecture for current/future needs with minimum expense.

Ardent provides services/solutions to optimize information systems in small, medium and large-sized companies and provides support as needed. Our teams have specialized knowledge to approach a variety of technical situations in all business environments.

Ardent’s technology services allows customers safeguard information assets, pursue new business initiatives securely, while  proactively managing risks.  Ardent’s technology services also help businesses better manage risks through virtual and physical access control, managed security services, internet security systems, professional security services and compliance related services.

In addition, our technology services enable customers efficiently collaborate in a cost-effective manner, using turn-key solutions such as Unified Communications, Contact Center Management, IP Telephony, and Mobility services.

Ardent uses industry-standard and leading-edge sophisticated software and tools to provide business continuity and resiliency services for helping businesses meet their IT availability requirements, thereby enabling faster recovery from disasters and preparing companies cope with unplanned exigencies.

Get more out of your IT and critical assets by improving alignment with business priorities, while efficiently tracking, monitoring, and managing IT and non-IT assets across technologies.

Our Core Competence:


  • Strategy – Assessing client’s IT organization and benchmark against IT Infrastructure Library frameworks with a focus on aligning IT services with business needs.
  • Business Process Re-engineering —  As companies grow, different arms/divisions tend to have functional areas with different systems. We help companies streamline these systems. This process helps companies unlock unused capacities, improve efficiencies, and identify critical deficiencies by taking a comprehensive view of business operations. Ardent experts work with client management to identify critical deficiencies, unlock value and optimize resources.
  • Project Management – We partner with client companies to support their planning, organization and successful completion of specific IT goals.
  • Independent System Selection — Our independent professionals work with the company’s management to identify and recommend systems such as ERP, Customer Relationship Management, and Content Management Systems.



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